Được thiết kế với ưu tiên dành cho người chơi, Tự Do V2 là bộ bài hoàn chỉnh nhất của Ù TRÒN. Vẫn giữ chất liệu nhựa chống nước, nhưng nay với size bridge, người chơi có thể cầm bài thoải mái nhất, không mỏi tay. Thiết kế chất và số mới cũng giúp người chơi phân biệt được các quân bài một cách dễ dàng.

Quý khách có thể lựa chọn 2 màu Đỏ và Xanh.
Learning from the shortcomings of the previous decks, we want to create a new deck that is meant for the players. This plastic deck will be in bridge size and have a new set of numbers and pips. These adjustments will satisfy any players, even the hardcore ones.

Available in 2 colors: Blue & Red
In this tale of Tự Do, one will travel back in time to Vietnam in the early 20th century. Amidst a time of struggling for independence, the enlightened mentality of the people had transformed this oriental land into a progressive nation.

At the core, Vietnamese continued practicing their traditional beliefs and customs. Their respect for hierarchy and social harmony remained the fundamental values, guiding people’s way of life.

Meanwhile, a group of intellectuals, realizing the old teachings were inadequate to move the nation forward, wanted to change. They encouraged men and women to learn from beyond the borders to improve upon themselves.
These conventional and modern ways of life interestingly coexisted in harmony. People were free to choose from the two paths. A woman could put on her modern Áo Dài daily while keeping her traditional Nhật Bình for festive occasions. A man may wear a suit, cut his hair short, learn from the West and embrace Oriental values.

This emerging society was built upon a spirit of Tự Do, meaning liberty and open-mindedness. It had laid the cornerstone for people's mentalitity to welcome novelties without neglecting their traditions, and ultimately shaped Vietnam's contemporary culture.



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